Birthday party

I am back on track, finally, I had a busy busy week preparing everything for B. birthday party, I let you have a pic on the amazing day that she had!!
This was the cake for her friends from school, made by my blogger friend Sanda from Little upside down cake, it's the second time that I ask for this adorable cake, it's absolutely delicious and beautiful

The second cake made by mumy (me) and dady for every one else

This little bags were a gift for every little friends, this are packages of milk that I lined whit napkins, really easy to do and a cute memory, forgot to take pictures when I had them all, I made 40, this was the remaining
So you see how busy I have been this week, hope you forgive me:)
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1 comentário :

Sanda Vuckovic Pagaimo disse...

Festa muito gira!!!Obrigada pelo convite:-)